About Us

The Round Table, aka TRT, started as a three friends having conversations about music during lunches together at the office. Since then we have expanded to six members, including a Midwest native, an uprooted New Yorker now residing in Boston, and the conversations are bigger and better. The Round Table has grown into a casual setting where music aficionados discuss all things music including favorite artists and bands, new music releases, eye-catching videos, concerts, recording industry news, and the occasional nugget of entertainment gossip. We have tastes that cover the entire music spectrum — so come join the conversation!

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Jayvee is the RT’s resident tech geek with a love of all things shiny and gadget-like, but she holds a special place in her heart for physical media with over 500 Cds , random cassettes, and an ever-growing collection of vinyl. A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lot of pop mixed with a soft spot for 50s-60s Doo Wop and a love for indie singer-songwriters – means you never know what to expect from Jayvee. Contact: jayvee@theroundtableonline.com


Though currently earning his meal ticket as a sportswriter, AP is possibly even more passionate about music. Growing up in the Midwest left him longing to be closer to the east coast punk scene, but he did his best to satisfy his musical hunger by playing in bands during high school and college. To steal a line from 90s sensation, 311, AP “…grew up punk, listens to funk” …and folk and rock and jazz and nearly anything else that oozes creativity.

Ghostface has what some would refer to as “conflicting tastes”, but to him it’s just natural: lo-fi, bubblegum, hip hop, indie rock, electro, garage, dance, new wave, twee, psychedelic… Here’s to never being bored nor nailed down to just one genre. Musically speaking, Ghostface’s favorite show was seeing Lykke Li at The Black Cat in DC, which also happens to be his favorite venue. Other Black Cat favorites include Joanna Newsom, Deerhoof and Jean Grae during her Two Turntables Tour (the runner up for best show).

Forest’s favorite album is Duran Duran’s 1993, self-titled comeback album – ever since his older sister cleaned out her junk drawer and gave him the cassette single “Come Undone” when he was about 12. Despite this, Jayvee still let him write for The Round Table and even trusts him to come up with his own story ideas.