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Drew Danbury - This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak For The Club

Drew Danbury Gives Old Dreams New Lease

In 2008, Drew Danbury released the album This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club and every single thing that could have happened to impede its progress did. Exploding vans, sabotage, and global economic collapse all conspired to ensure that the album’s gorgeous die-cut packaging never made it into the hands of fans.

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Sandy Kilpatrick - Wilderness Gone

Sandy Kilpatrick – Wilderness Gone Video Premier

If you listened through Sandy Kilpatrick’s debut album Redemption Road, you may have noticed the track “Wilderness Gone” lay a bit outside the normally sunny sound of the record – not too far from the songs that surrounded it, but slightly more introversive and overcast. Today, Sandy released the “Wilderness Gone” music video on his website, and was gracious enough […]

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Sandy Kilpatrick - Wilderness Gone

Sandy Kilpatrick – Wilderness Gone Teaser Trailer

When I first listened through Redemption Road, “Wilderness Gone” was one of the songs that really impressed me in the way it deviated from the collection without really sacrificing Sandy’s sound and the overall feeling of the record. Earlier this week, Sandy released the trailer for the song, with a full video to be released soon. […]

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Haun's Mill

TRT Reviews: Haun’s Mill – Away

There’s a point in “Stay That Way”, the second track from Haun’s Mill’s new album, Away, where I’m sure I can hear the ghost of “Heart-Shaped Box”. Never hear another voice I never go outside Living in the cabin grandpa built after he died (more…)

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Sandy Kilpatrick - Redemption Road

TRT Reviews: Sandy Kilpatrick – Redemption Road

When I posted Sandy Kilpatrick’s single “We Don’t Need Tomorrow” on TRT in March, I described it as <quote> a little gooshier than I usually go for </quote>. Well, upon further inspection, and in the context of the excellent Redemption Road, I withdraw my statement and can happily confirm that this is exactly the type of […]

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