Free Music: Download Beat Radio’s Hurricanes EP Featuring Covers of Robyn, Weakerthans and More

Beat Radio + Hard Times, Go! + "Hurricanes" EP + Robyn

Hot off the heels of  Beat Radio releasing its fourth full-length album in Hard Times, Go!, the band is now offering up a free mp3 download of its newly compiled Hurricanes EP.

The Hurricans EP not only features alternate versions of tracks from Hard Times, Go! like “Hurricanes, XO,” and “Dreaming Wide Awake,” but also includes
covers of songs by Robyn, JAPANDROIDS, The Weakerthans, and more.

Grab a free MP3 download of Beat Radio’s Hurricanes EP here. Be sure to check out their full merchandise store on BandCamp… and while you’re at it, purchase Hard Times, Go! on vinyl. I ordered a copy in red vinyl, but the clear looks hot too!


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