Kelly Clarkson To Perez Hilton: “No One is Going to Pity You”

First of all, I hate Perez Hilton. He’s another example of rising to stardom on the coattails of others, while also being completely disrespectful and flat out rude. And for some reason, our society has not only made him rich off of his evil ways, but continue to enable him. Well, I’m hoping things are about to change.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Will.I.Am incident, where he (or his manager) allegedly punched Perez Hilton after the Much Music Awards. The sad thing is not only did this incident occur, but Perez took the opportunity to turn it into another lame attempt to plead for attention. It’s sickening.

Turns out – folks that he’s been abusing for the last few years have very little sympathy for what (or what not may have happened). I guess we’ll see as the situation unfolds some more, but let’s just say if Kelly Clarkson, who never utters a mean word about anyone, is talking sh*t about you — then you must have really pissed a lot of folks off.  FTW!!

Check out this interview with Kelly Clarkson post Much Music mayhem. Perez chat starts around 3:40 mark. Be sure to stick around until at least 4:49 mark when interviewer tells Kelly that Perez was actually crying on their show — Kelly can only laugh. Also be sure to check out Rich Juzwiak’s, Four Four, take on PerezGate. Rich, we couldn’t have said it better our self!!

What are your thoughts? Is Perez backlash in full effect or what?

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4 Responses to Kelly Clarkson To Perez Hilton: “No One is Going to Pity You”

  1. coma June 23, 2009 at 12:12 pm #

    i heart kelly clarkson. she is hysterical and adorable rolled up in one. um…. but i have to disagree with kelly. she is much prettier than fergie. somebody stayed away from meth.

    and i am excited for her “big tour” to state fairs because she mentioned funnel cakes and corn dogs…hmmm.

  2. Ed-G June 24, 2009 at 11:25 am #

    Balls! At least she’s not sugarcoating anything with her response to this ordeal. Sugarcoating was not meant to be segueway into a joke about weight…


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