Preview New M.I.A. Jam “Come Walk With Me”

Over the weekend M.I.A. tweeted a snippet of brand new track “Come Walk With Me”. It’s a catchy, dance-y affair that shows a lot of promise for her pending release. Yes, she uses Autotune, but I think longtime fans will like it – it has that same punchy quality from hearing Arular for the first time.

No word on when the album (reportedly dubbed Matangi after her birth name) will be dropping, but if one of her latest Tweets are any indication, the process isn’t going well.

Supposedly Maya is working with Swizz Beats, Cataracs and everyone’s favorite lady-beater Chris Brown (Ed. note: goddamitwhyyyy). I’ll withhold judgement on the music until the final track list comes out.

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One Response to Preview New M.I.A. Jam “Come Walk With Me”

  1. jayvee April 30, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    This is the M.I.A. sound I fell in love with. More dance-focused. She lost me for a little while with Maya – I just felt like it was on sonic overload. For some reason my head/ears couldn’t process it all at the time. I always have high hopes for MIA. Though, I agree… why does everyone feel compelled to work with Chris Brown?! Gross.

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