Tony Lucca Live: Knocks Sarah Palin, Sings about Justin/Britney Saga, and More

Fried pickles, sweet tea, fireworks, and Tony Lucca or the perfect way to spend 4th of July. We headed to The Evening Muse in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina for an intimate performance with Tony Lucca who started his set by asking the audience to snap along to his opening number as hand-clapping is too much of a commitment upfront.

Having seen Tony Lucca perform numerous times now, I was surprised by how candid he was that night. He hit on everything from taking swipes at Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin all in one song to his life story through music and quite possibly one of pop cultures most talked about break-ups: Justin and Britney (more on that later). Of course he also found time to mix in several love songs and even a Billy Joel cover “Vienna.”

He mixed a good selection of new(er) songs like “Time and Again,” “Come Around,” and “Pretty Things,” which was co-written by Joe Firstman, with old favorites such as “Death of Me” and “All Up in Your Place” (aka the Stalker Song). However, there were two new songs that had the crowd buzzing — one rarely if ever performed, “Stay With Me (?)”, and one completely new, “Back To Me”, which he co-wrote via email with Melissa Polinar, a YouTube sensation who covered Lucca’s “Death of Me.”

The latter, “Stay With Me,” was the most surprising as Lucca prefaced it by telling the story of how the song came about. Without naming any names, he said “two very good friends of mine went through a very public break-up.” If you know anything about Tony Lucca’s past, you know he was co-stars on The Mickey Mouse Club and good friends with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Essentially, he drew inspiration from the headlines and personal conversations to create this song. Be sure to watch him perform it to catch the lyrical call outs of “river I made you cry,” which perhaps is taken from Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” or the “made you crazy” reference perhaps ripped directly from Britney headlines. While it’s unclear whose point of view Lucca is singing from, my guess is Justin’s.

But don’t worry, Lucca isn’t one to gossip about friends without putting himself on blast. The crowd got the biggest kick out of his “True Story,” which as Lucca describes it “is based on a true story” or his life put to music from 1991 to present day filled with optimism, drug use, and personal lows delivered with his best country twang. You can’t help, but love a self-deprecating artist. Right, clearly I’m a total fan girl, but Tony Lucca is an amazing talent.

Check out footage below of Tony Lucca performing “Stay with me,” “True Story,” “All Up in Your Place,” and “Time and Again” at The Evening Muse. Also, thanks to the folks at Rock Ridge Music, you can now get a free download of Tony Lucca’s “Pretty Things” featuring Ernie Halter.

Stay With Me:

True Story:

All Up In Your Place:

Time and Again:

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  1. Ed-G July 8, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    He’s a great artist, flying under the radar, but worthy of getting some more attention out there…
    Maybe some movie studio will take a listen and use his track in a film? His lyrics are a perfect fit for those Hollywood stories. Thanks for introducing me – and don’t mind me as I use your videos on my own blog…


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