TRT Interviews Tony Lucca: Life After #TheVoice

New Interview with Singer-Songwriter Tony Lucca of NBC's The Voice

Back in February we had the opportunity to interview singer-songwriter Tony Lucca who had just wowed America with his stunning rendition of Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble” during the Season 2 premiere of NBC’s hit talent show, The Voice. A record-breaking 37.6 million viewers tuned in to the show and experienced Lucca’s immense vocal talent, but that was only the beginning.

Lucca quickly emerged as an early favorite to win the competition as week after week he pushed the envelope on the show with great intent to disprove a critique from Voice judge (and ex-MMC colleague) Christina Aguilera that he was anything, but “one-dimensional.” While Mr. Lucca may have placed third overall on The Voice, there is no question that the future is very bright for this veteran singer-songwriter. This morning, we had the distinct pleasure of catching up with Tony Lucca to discuss life after The Voice, his affinity for Katy Perry, Gotye, and what’s on the horizon for the rest of 2012.

Check out the full interview below. Special thanks to Tony Lucca for taking time out of his busy schedule to accomodate this request. This man is a serious class-act.

TRT: Looking back on The Voice, is there anything you may have changed about your experience or even song selection wise, anything you would’ve done differently?

TL: Not really. I think I went into with pretty mild expectations to be honest. I went in to win it, but when I saw the level of competition, I said ‘Yeah, there are some pretty incredible singers here.’ There’s almost a singing competition style or a type that you think of when you think of those on Idol or even The Voice. A vocal wow — belting, riff heavy type singers — and I saw that type might be shifting a bit on The Voice. So I went in thinking there would be a handful of songs that would get me closer to that original formula that showed my vocal technique and range. I think what we learned quickly was that the technicality aspect of my voice may not have been as strong, but what I did have, hands-down, was the most performance experience. So we figured out how to capitalize on that with each show performance. I was completely surprised by where we ended up going on the show – so it’s hard to say that I would change things. Never in a million years did I think I’d sing a Britney Spears song and gain tons of traction.

TRT: When we talked back in February you sort of hinted at wanting to re-work a well-known pop song and I’m glad it came to fruition because it shows your versatility and your artistry and ability to meld genres and do something unique. Are there any mainstream artists out right now that you would consider re-working a song in the future?

TL: I’m a little late to the party because I just downloaded the song, but it was the soundtrack of our whole experience on the show, but Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” For some reason that song has been around for the better part of last couple months now. I’ve heard it a bazillion times, but for some reason I still enjoy hearing it – and that’s probably why it’s still such a hit. And like with my kids, when they hear a song that they dig, that they have to hear it over and over and over again and so it’s fun to find something they want to hear and that I want to play over again. I know Lindsey [Pavao] did a hip version on the show – but I realized I need to start catching up on the rest of this guy’s [Gotye’s] work. I have a really, a serious respect and affinity for Katy Perry and her song writing team. I’m so impressed with the volume of hits that she put out in her two albums and there’s something to be said about well-crafted pop songs. Sara Bareilles is putting out an interesting new EP [Once Upon Another Time] and she’s a good friend, so I may have to surprise her with a cover with one of her songs. We’ll see… it’s cool that I’ve proven to myself that I can do that. That it’s not outside of my skill-set and it could be fun to make it a signature thing going forward.

TRT: Are there any producers out there that you have your eye on and maybe now the door is open with momentum from The Voice? Anything you can talk about specifically?

TL: I’m a big fan of Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. Turns out we have known of each other for a long time and had some mutual friends. I think he has an incredible midas touch and Adam [Levine] showed me the vast majority of the new Maroon 5 album after the show and was happy to hear the new tunes that Tedder has on there. So, that’s a likely pairing once we begin the new album. Justin [Timberlake] is another I would dig working with. We’ve talked about it for years, but our schedules have never gelled, but again same situation, there could be some potential. Good friend of mine, Chris Seefried, who has produced records for Jay Nash and Fitz and the Tantrums latest smash, he’s someone on my radar. I’m planning a trip soon to Nashville and try to shake hands with some people — names I’ve been hearing with for a while. I’ve been trading emails with Richard Marx. And JC [Chasez] and I have expressed interest in getting back in the studio and writing songs together.

TRT: Will there be a solo tour upcoming or will the tour be part of The Voice?

TL: We had to forego the season 2 tour of The Voice for a few reasons, but mostly because they are rolling right into Season 3 blind auditions right now. So everyone who would’ve been a part of the tour from producers to musicians are now in the process of learning up to 150 songs for blind auditions. There’s talk of a Season 2/Season 3 combination tour, but that wouldn’t happen until earl next year. But that gives me a window of time to get out and play some dates and get re-acquainted with the fans and hopefully meet some new fans. So, that will be a solo headlining tour with my band, but we’re in the process of considering opening acts. I think June 1st… or in a couple of days, we’re about to announce a bulk of those tour dates and sell some tickets over the summer. That’s where I really take joy – getting out on the road.


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