TRT Reviews: The Bright Side by Meiko

TRT Reviews: The Bright Side by Singer-Songwriter Meiko Singer-songwriter Meiko’s sophomore release, The Bright Side, stays true to the artist’s sweet spot – folk-pop tunes that rely on quirky, personal lyrics. But unlike her self-titled 2008 release, which was heavy-up on guitar-based songs, The Bright Side, finds Meiko experimenting more with more layers and textures with the help of producers Jimmy Messer, Greg Collins, and Belgian electro-pop wiz Styrofoam at the helm.

Album opener and lead single “Stuck On You” is a sweet, bubbly number that is sure to get your toe-tapping as Meiko croons with a joyful fervor of a girl in love. She continues that happy trend on “I’m in Love,” which features a bright horn solo against an uptempo electro-clap.

But fear not long-time Meiko fans, it’s not all sunny songs as she still has a knack for penning a soothing, melancholy gem.  As is the case in “Lie to Me,” which switches tempo speeds numerous times throughout the song after opening with a single acoustic guitar and drum beat.

On “Good Looking Loser” we are treated to a glimmer of the sharp-tongued Meiko that we fell in love with on her breakout hit in 2008’s “Boys with Girlfriends.” She quips at her ex-beau, “You’re a good looking loser/And I’m the one who got away.”

Meanwhile “Real Real Sweet” plays like a seductive kiss-off to that leading lady in “Boys with Girlfriends” as Meiko reveals she has a secret. The singer taunts, “I had a long talk with your baby in my back seat/And he was real real sweet/Yeah, he was real real sweet/Play your cards right and get out of my life…/Every time he left you/I was waitin’ down the street.” Now THAT’S the Meiko we love most.

The Bright Side is full of indelible melodies and witty lyrics that make Meiko the artist that she is. Warning to long-time Meiko fans — production wise The Bright Side is livelier and more complex than her previous album, but at the core, remins that quirky songwriter who crafts meaningful songs about love and regret that we adore.

Standout tracks: “Stuck on You,” “Leave The Lights On,” “Real Real Sweet” and “Lie to Me.”

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  1. ReginaldLee May 30, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    This is a contender for Best New Album of 2012.

    • jayvee May 31, 2012 at 9:03 am #

      Thanks for checking out the review. Meiko is definitely a great artist — need more people to get into her music!!

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