Album Review: Curtis Plum – Call My Cellphone

Curtis Plum - Call My CellphoneCurtis Plum has to feel like the odd man out over at Strange Famous Records. Fronted by the ultra-socially conscious Sage Francis and featuring a roster of sensitive and verbose rappers, the political and personal are everyday fare. Then there’s Plum, rapping over Casio beats about rubbing turtle wax on Vin Diesel’s head, poppin’ wheelies of justice and close encounters with Lil’ Wayne’s lil’ hands.

Call My Cellphone, the debut album from Curtis Plum is, in a word, awesome. My only complaint is that it was over way too soon.

But I didn’t like him at first. Plum enters the room with  sparse production and a vocal style supposedly inspired by Katherine Hepburn. Still, right around the start of the second verse in “Indie Rocker,” I am completely in his corner. Maybe it’s because I had a Blink 182 shirt in high school.

However, instead of going home and crying to some Kid A, I go to the Strange Famous store, hit pre-order and officially join the Curtis Plum fan club. Listen to the song that changed my mind, below, and download “Indie Rocker” for free over at Strange Famous.

Curtis Plum – Indie Rocker

The album is bookended by two mixes of the song “Bike Cop,” in which the protagonist busts underage smokers, tasers soccer moms and battles bike seat chafing. Between these are eight even more bizarre tracks chronicling everything from the POV of an aging Xbox system to Plum’s showdown with the real Jack in the Box.

As for Curtis Plum himself, there doesn’t seem to be much information out there. He got hooked up with Sage Francis via MySpace, they only met once and his first tour ended in handcuffs in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure of the whole story, but according to a blog post over at Strange Famous, he was planning to kick off the tour by throwing demo CDs at Asher Roth’s head during the latter’s show, so …

Call My Cellphone is his first, proper, album after three years of correspondence and, if he’s as mysterious as it sounds, maybe the last. It came out yesterday, so head over to Strange Famous and pick it up. It’s only $10 and it comes with stickers and a poster. Win!

Buy Curtis Plum’s Call My Cellphone.

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  1. Jayvee February 17, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    The song titles alone entertain me “Lil Wayne Tried to Rape Me”.. nuff said.

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