For All The Girls, Part One: This Song Is For You

For All The Girls

This is part one of my review of For All The Girls‘ self-titled debut album. I’m going to indulge my philosophy major and wax poetic on this one and apologize to those with limited time or who got lost looking for a Nicki Minaj video.


The short of it: For All The Girls’ first record isn’t just for girls; it’s for everyone with a discerning ear for breezy indie pop, with a heart that’s more hopeful than heartbroken, even when it’s heartbroken. In the too brief 27 minutes and change it takes to travel from “Casey” to “Wendy,” I almost remember what it was like to daydream about girls in middle school.

Also, I wish I’d learned how to play guitar along the way.

More of it: Each song is a tiny universe, ruled over by one girl in particular, who could really be any girl at all. Because of this, each song sounds like a very specific moment in time, and, while the album flows together seamlessly, you’ll find yourself listening to certain songs on repeat just to make those moments last a bit longer.

Currently, that moment for me is “Zoe,” a girl from way up north in the country who ended up by the sea, and kept moving. I have no idea where she ended up, but I get the impression she had a blast getting there.

And then there’s Yvonne … I wonder where she could be, who she is with, what is she thinking …

For All The Girls’ debut album comes out on Valentines Day, Feb. 14, 2012. Get it for a girl. Get it for yourself. And get it for your mom, because she was a girl once too.

For All The Girls, “Yvonne” – Free Download

For All The Girls, “Phylicia” – Free Download


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