La Crosse’s Hardcore Hope – We Paint The Sky

We Paint The Sky

Last weekend, I traveled to my point of origin (lovely La Crosse, WI) to file my taxes, visit my parents and go to a heavy metal show featuring local hardcore heroes We Paint The Sky.

My first impression is that the teenagers sure don’t dance like they did in the old days. My second impression is that We Paint The Sky has really expanded from their debut EP, which was only released about six months ago.

Take a track like “Rick Steves” from the self-titled EP. It’s got a lot of punk in it, some metal – reminds me of A Static Lullaby, Thursday – it’s good stuff.

Now, take the newest single, “I’ve Seen The Devil,” released in February. It’s still got some punk get up and go, but, once we hit the first verse, this is all metal – reminds me of Fear Factory’s more brutal beginnings – really good stuff.

So, I’m excited to see where We Paint the Sky is going to go with their sound. They’ve got strong musicians and a solid two-vocalist front, and they’re about as young than Mmmbop-period Hanson. Suffice to say, they’re not where they’re going to end up and they’re already treading through genres that much more established peers have been content to sit and explore.

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