TRT Reviews: Drew Danburry – The First Pillar

Drew Danburry - The First Pillar

All of my favorite artists were releasing albums in 2013, so it makes sense that Drew Danburry saw fit to do the same – not just one, but several, including (exclamations!) a new album under the For All The Girls moniker. Pump those kicks.

However, we’re not here to discuss FAtG today, much as I would like to. I had the pleasure last week of getting an early listen to Drew’s new EP, The First Pillar, composed of five songs that just didn’t fit on any the other projects he was working on, and if these are the outliers, I can’t wait to hear the incrowd, because they’re great.

Closer to previous albums released under his own name than those songs on For All The Girls, The First Pillar reminded me most (overall, not every song) of “Nirvana, by Kurt Cobain”. It’s a melancholy, and way too brief, collection of indie pop.

You can download The First Pillar for free on Drew’s site, which is much less than the music is worth. If you like it, buy the next album that comes out.

And I promise you’ll like it, or I’ll write you an apology myself, even though you clearly have no taste …

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