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Damien Fairchild

For All The Girls, Part Two: The Damien Fairchild LP

More than anything, I really wanted to enjoy making music again. To go back to the beginning and to start again. So in early January, I receive an email from Damien Fairchild, the mysterious adolescent figure behind For All The Girls. It’s funny the way certain artists enter your consciousness and stick there. For the […]

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Damien Fairchild - For All The Girls

Music Video: For All The Girls – Yvonne

I really don’t know what to think about For All The Girls and the string of crazy awesome videos Damien has been putting out. I mean, I guess this guy is 13 (according to Steely Mike), and if that’s true I suddenly feel woefully unaccomplished. The music and lyrics, alone, seem to bely a much […]

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For All The Girls

Free Music: For All The Girls – Maryanne

While For All The Girls’ first two tracks, the most excellent “Phylicia” and “Amrit”, did a brisk trade on the sunny side of the street, the group’s new single, “Maryanne”, sounds more like Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, featuring the robot from “Dangerous Type”. Which is to say, it’s not very sunny at all, though it’s not […]

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For All The Girls

Music Video: For All The Girls – Phylicia

Damien wants to share his love with you, especially if you’re a girl and, in this case, especially if your name is Phylicia. While we can assume that the name Phylicia is, in fact, attached to a very specific girl, her song definitely sounds like a track for all the girls. (more…)

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