Clueso Was Once Hip-Hop

Clueso to Perform at the Olympics with Official German Team Song

Among the many athletes, singer Clueso will also be participating in the Olympics. He will be singing the official song for the German team and is particularly excited about a new addition to the Summer Games.

Clueso has been known as Germany’s beloved crooner since his hits “Chicago” and “Gewinner.” However, the Erfurt-born singer traces his musical roots back to the hip-hop scene, as he told the news agency dpa in light of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

The 44-year-old has contributed the official song for the German Olympic team, titled “Für immer jetzt.” He will also be performing a live concert in the German fan zone in Paris on July 27th.

Clueso is especially looking forward to the Olympic debut of breakdancing. “It’s a sport that has organically grown from the streets and is incredibly athletic. I got into music through breakdancing and am grateful to have landed in the hip-hop scene,” he said.

A Historic First

The discipline known as breaking will be the first dance style to be featured at the Summer Games, taking place from July 26 to August 11. It is closely tied to hip-hop culture. In Paris, men and women will compete in solo battles, although there will be no German participants.