J.K. Rowling’s “The Christmas Pig” to Get Film Adaptation Amid Controversy

Despite recent backlash over her contentious remarks perceived as transphobic, J.K. Rowling remains a beloved figure in literary circles, especially for her tales of the young wizard, Harry Potter. According to the American industry outlet “Variety,” a film adaptation of one of her children’s books, “The Christmas Pig,” which does not involve the Hogwarts universe, is now in the early stages of development, although a production company has yet to be selected.

About “The Christmas Pig”

Published in 2021, “The Christmas Pig” tells the story of a boy named Jack who loses his beloved childhood toy, a pig named Dur Pig, on Christmas. Despite receiving a replacement named Christmas Pig, Jack cannot forget his old friend. To cheer up the saddened child, Christmas Pig devises a plan to embark on a rescue mission with Jack, during which they even encounter Santa Claus himself.

New “Harry Potter” Series in the Works

News emerged in February this year that a reboot of the “Harry Potter” story is expected to premiere in 2026, this time as a series on the streaming service Max. Details about the project are still sparse, but “Variety” reports that the plan includes seven seasons, one for each book in J.K. Rowling’s series.

Controversies Surrounding Transphobic Comments and Criticism of “Harry Potter” Stars

For several years, however, the author has been in the spotlight not so much for her globally cherished work but more for her comments, which many consider to be transphobic. She has notably criticized the open handling of transgender identities and gender roles.

Most recently, she voiced strong objections to a legislative change in her adopted home of Scotland aimed at combating hate speech, sparking further controversy. Additionally, she has expressed disapproval of two main actors from the “Harry Potter” films, Daniel Radcliffe (34) and Emma Watson (34), both of whom sharply criticized her comments and aligned themselves with the LGBTQ+ community.