Emotional Turmoil in “Inside Out 2”: A Comprehensive Look at All Pixar Emotions

Disney’s “Inside Out 2” has just hit theaters in Germany. Riley is no longer a little child, and as a teenager, she now experiences a broader range of emotions, causing a significant upheaval in her emotional world. To mark the film’s release, let’s introduce you to the characters in the control center. Get ready for an overwhelming emotional rollercoaster.

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In “Inside Out 2,” Riley’s emotional landscape becomes more complex with the addition of new emotions that reflect her growth and development as a teenager. The original emotions—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—are joined by new characters that add depth to her emotional experiences.

The New Emotions


As Riley navigates the challenges of adolescence, Anxiety emerges as a prominent emotion. Representing the worries and fears typical of teenage life, Anxiety is constantly on alert, making sure Riley is prepared for any potential threats.


Curiosity embodies Riley’s growing interest in the world around her. This emotion drives her to explore new ideas, try new activities, and learn more about herself and others.


A common emotion for teenagers, Embarrassment makes its debut in “Inside Out 2.” This character highlights Riley’s heightened self-awareness and sensitivity to how she is perceived by others.


Balancing out the more challenging emotions, Confidence helps Riley face new situations with a positive attitude. This emotion encourages her to take risks and believe in her abilities.

Returning Favorites

The original emotions also play significant roles in Riley’s teenage years, each adapting to the new context of her life.


Joy continues to be a source of positivity and motivation for Riley. Despite the new challenges, Joy finds ways to keep Riley optimistic and resilient.


Sadness remains essential in helping Riley process difficult experiences and learn from them. This emotion fosters empathy and deepens Riley’s understanding of herself and others.


Anger still surfaces in moments of frustration and injustice, but now it also helps Riley assert herself and stand up for her beliefs.


Fear’s protective role evolves as Riley faces new social and academic pressures. This emotion ensures she stays cautious and aware of potential dangers.


Disgust continues to guide Riley’s preferences and social interactions, helping her navigate complex social hierarchies and maintain her standards.


“Inside Out 2” offers a rich exploration of the emotional complexity of adolescence. By introducing new emotions and evolving the roles of the original characters, Pixar provides a compelling and relatable depiction of teenage life. The film invites viewers to reflect on their own emotional journeys and appreciate the intricate interplay of feelings that shape who we are.

Enjoy the emotional journey with Riley and her ensemble of emotions in “Inside Out 2,” now showing in theaters.