Five Hidden Gems You Shouldn’t Miss at Rock am Ring

Nürburgring · Over 70 bands are set to perform at Rock am Ring. Many are well-known to festival-goers. However, the line-up also includes several hidden gems, including some from Saarland and perhaps the best voice of the entire festival.

Watching the big bands is easy. Acts like Ärzte, Green Day, and Måneskin are known to everyone. After all, they wouldn’t be headlining a festival like Rock am Ring if they weren’t well-known.

But there’s hardly a better moment than seeing a band when they are still relatively unknown, playing on the smaller stages of a festival or at incredibly early hours. When these artists eventually gain fame, you can always say: “I saw them perform in front of just 100 people on the small stage.”

Hidden Gem at Rock am Ring 2024: Pinkshift

At this year’s Rock am Ring, there’s another chance to catch such artists. For example: Pinkshift. This pop-punk band from Baltimore, USA, is easy to compare musically: if you love Paramore, you’ll like Pinkshift. The same goes for fans of Turnstile.

The band’s story is particularly intriguing: guitarist Paul Vallejo, singer Ashrita Kumar, and drummer Myron Houngbedji met at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. What makes this notable is that all of them – at least in terms of their studies – were aiming for more traditional careers. Kumar studied neurosurgery, Houngbedji medicine, and Vallejo chemical engineering. Given that this university – one of the best in the world – has produced 39 Nobel Prize winners, it’s fair to say you won’t find a more intelligent band at the festival. Pinkshift performs on Saturday from 17:05 to 17:45 on the Orbit Stage.

L.S. Dunes Featuring My Chemical Romance’s Guitarist

Musically impeccable, L.S. Dunes is another highlight. This is because they are a so-called “supergroup” made up of members from various other bands. During the coronavirus pandemic, musicians from different groups came together. The most famous of them is Frank Iero, the guitarist from My Chemical Romance, who gained international fame after the turn of the millennium with the album “The Black Parade.”

Their sound reflects this: L.S. Dunes transports you back to the emo era of the early 2000s. The music is equally emotional, enhanced by the incredibly bright voice of singer Anthony Green. However, it’s Frank Iero’s genius guitar riffs that stand out the most, making him the most recognizable member of the band. L.S. Dunes perform on Saturday from 19:20 to 20:05 on the Orbit Stage.

Against The Current: Is Christina “Chrissy” Costanza Rock am Ring’s Best Voice?

Playing on the largest stage usually means you’re no longer a hidden gem. But this isn’t always true. Remember Blond, who opened the Saturday on the Utopia Stage last year? The crowd was sparse. This year, that timeslot goes to Against The Current. Those in the know can catch a band with a small audience that could be much bigger in a few years. The reason: the band’s singer might have the best voice of the entire festival.

Indecent Behaviour from Saarland Win Band Contest

Rock am Ring 2024 will be opened by a band from Saarland. Surprised? Indeed, Indecent Behaviour from Merzig have won the Warsteiner Band Contest and will be the very first band to perform on the Orbit Stage. Just five minutes later, Querbeat will start the opening on the Utopia Stage.

The musicians describe their music as modern skate-punk with influences from hardcore and metal, “to create a unique sound.” After many concerts and single releases, Indecent Behaviour made a big breakthrough with their debut album “Outnumbered” in 2018. Their latest album, “Therapy in Melody,” was released in 2023.