WWE Legend Leaves AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has decided not to renew his contract with AEW, opting instead to focus on other projects. He has not ruled out a return to WWE.

On Monday, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry announced that he will not extend his contract with Tony Khan’s promotion, which expires today. The former Olympic weightlifter and WWE World Champion shared his plans to pursue other projects on the Busted Open Radio show. Henry mentioned that the decision was made “by mutual consent” and did not exclude the possibility of a WWE return.

Departure from AEW: Will Mark Henry Return to WWE?

Henry, 52, joined AEW in 2021, serving as a trainer and TV personality. He also worked on charitable projects for the league, similar to his previous role in WWE. His contributions to AEW were highly valued, but Henry feels it’s time to explore new avenues.

At the time of his transition from WWE to AEW, Henry cited a lack of backstage career opportunities at WWE. It appears that AEW did not meet his expectations either, leading to speculation about a potential WWE comeback, especially given the recent changes following Vince McMahon’s departure earlier this year. Henry has always been a prominent figure in the wrestling world, and his departure from AEW raises questions about the future direction of both AEW and WWE.

For now, Henry has stated that he plans to focus on other business ventures, including his website and a fitness label. He is passionate about fitness and aims to inspire others through his work in the health and wellness industry. Henry has a long history of promoting healthy living, and his new projects are expected to reflect this commitment.

Despite his departure from AEW, Henry assured fans that he is not leaving wrestling for good and will return “full throttle” sooner or later. His deep connection to the wrestling community and his love for the sport make it likely that he will remain involved in some capacity.

Mark Henry’s Wrestling Legacy

Mark Henry’s wrestling career is nothing short of legendary. He made his WWE debut in 1996 and quickly became known for his incredible strength and imposing presence. Henry’s achievements include winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the ECW Championship, and multiple other accolades. His persona, “The World’s Strongest Man,” resonated with fans and solidified his status as a wrestling icon.

Henry’s move to AEW was seen as a significant shift in the wrestling landscape. His experience and knowledge were expected to benefit AEW’s growing roster. However, his tenure with AEW has now come to an end, leaving fans to wonder about his next steps.

The Future of AEW and WWE

Henry’s departure from AEW could signal a period of transition for both AEW and WWE. AEW will need to find new ways to leverage its talent and continue its growth without Henry’s influence. Meanwhile, WWE might be preparing for Henry’s possible return, which could bring new dynamics to its programming.

The wrestling industry is known for its unpredictability, and Henry’s career moves are a testament to that. His potential return to WWE would undoubtedly generate excitement among fans and could lead to new storylines and rivalries. Henry’s experience and charisma make him a valuable asset to any promotion, and his future endeavors will be closely watched by the wrestling community.


Mark Henry’s decision to leave AEW and focus on other projects marks the end of a significant chapter in his career. However, it also opens the door to new opportunities and possibilities. Whether he returns to WWE or pursues other interests, Henry’s impact on the wrestling world remains undeniable. Fans can look forward to seeing what the future holds for “The World’s Strongest Man” as he embarks on the next phase of his journey.